Meet the Hosts

Paul came to know Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at the young age of nine.  Through various hardships in life, including the loss of his father to cancer, Paul learned to cling to the faithfulness and goodness of God.  Out of the depths of compassion and experience as a full-time caregiver to his beloved wife, Tabitha, Paul is able to encourage and teach other families affected by disability. 

Tabitha, too, placed her faith in Christ at a young age. After many years of struggling with an undiagnosed condition that left her wheelchair dependent, she was finally diagnosed with merosin-deficient muscular dystrophy in the summer of 2017. For a period, she wrestled with despair, until God transformed her attitude, bringing her to a place of peace and contentment. She rejoices in the LORD, knowing His grace is sufficient and His power is unlimited! 

Tabitha’s disease continues to advance, but her and Paul’s joy in Jesus remains unshaken. Their unique testimony of God’s grace led not only to a ministry for the underprivileged in India, but also to the development of Broken Vessels, Hidden Treasures and speaking engagements in schools, churches, and conferences around the United States.

Paul and Tabitha currently reside in Northern Idaho.  The Norrises love to share how God’s power is perfected and magnified in weakness. They desire to encourage all those who are hurting to rest in God’s strength and goodness through the storms of life!