Ep.20-“An Unreached Nation”

featuring Daniel. Daniel talks about his ministry, targeting a population of 20 million Deaf in the 10/40 window. While the ramifications for people with disabilities are numerous, particularly for those in developing countries, Daniel describes the ways God protects and preserves them, confounding the mighty, and furthering he gospel.

If you would like to learn more about deaf ministries listen to Bring Them In and  How Shall They Hear

Ep.19- “Seeing God’s Goodness” pt.2

featuring Rob & Heidi Fuller. In this continued conversation, Rob & Heidi answer questions about how God used His Word and His people to encourage them during their time of grief and loss. They remind us God indeed pays attention to our sorrows and understands our pain!

Hear Heidi’s arrangement: I Know

Special thanks to Forever Be Sure for sharing your music ministry with us!

Ep.19- “Seeing God’s Goodness” pt.1

featuring Rob & Heidi Fuller. In this opening discussion, Rob & Heidi explain how her visual impairment effects their lives in positive ways, teaching them to walk by faith. They attest to the never-ending goodness of God that carried them through a season of deep sorrow while trying to grow their family. Rob and Heidi praise the Lord for bringing them to a place of complete trust and blessings beyond expectation!

Listen to Heidi’s song: Give Me Eyes That See

For Christ-honoring, Bible-based music, we heartily recommend : Forever Be Sure Thank you, FBS, for sharing your ministry with us!

Ep.18 -“Grace that Heals”

featuring Adena DeLillo from Healing Hearts Ministries. Adena shares how Jesus forgave and set her from from the guilt of an abortion, giving her new purpose in life. She explains how the mercy of Christ during her season of suffering now equips her to extend comfort to others in trouble. The Bible, filled with truth and grace, serves as the foundation to meet the needs of a broken world.

Healing Hearts is a grace-driven, gospel-centered ministry, offering biblical counseling to those wounded by their past.

Enroll for Bible studies on hope and healing in Jesus Christ!

Ep.17- “From Groans to Glory”

featuring Jacob Gonzales. After a sudden illness left him with a disability, Jacob recalls how the goodness and sovereignty of God sustained him. He emphasizes the need for supporting others in times of suffering. Romans 8:18-30 provides the reminder our groaning will one day be replaced with glory.

Jacob’s ministry of encouragement: From Groans to Glory

Ep.16- “Bring Them In!”

featuring Tyler & Rebekah Thornton with the Deaf Camp at Bill Rice Ranch. Rebekah presents her testimony how God gives her joy and uses her deafness to further the gospel. Together, Tyler and Rebekah offer tips on winning the Deaf for Christ, bringing them into the church, and improving Deaf ministry.

Learn more about the Bill Rice Ranch
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Ep.15-“Our God of Hope”

featuring the Stratman Family. Born with a significant heart murmur and later brain injured through a surgery gone wrong, Daniel testifies how the Bible provides sufficient peace and joy. His parents, Jay and Susan Stratman, marvel at how God intervened while they were overwhelmed with grief. His love enables all of them to live purposeful, spiritually victorious lives!  May this story of God’s grace be a balm for hurting hearts!

We highly recommend this book: When Losing is Winning! 

Ep.14- “Good News!”

featuring Micah Wilder.  Micah shares how the grace and sovereignty of God led him through difficult circumstances, out of the LDS church, to salvation in Christ.  His testimony reminds us the gospel is the power of God and Jesus is enough!

Learn more about Adam’s Road Ministry

Read Lynn Wilder’s book: Unveiling Grace

Ep.13-“Light in Darkness”

featuring Allen Decker with Aurora Ministries. Aurora Ministries serves Christ by making the Bible accessible to those who are blind   Allen portrays some of the blessings and the challenges faced by individuals with visual impairments and offers advice on how the church can be more inclusive.   Learn how you can make an eternal difference in the lives of those who need God’s Word:  Aurora Ministries

Ep.12- “A Bruised Reed”

featuring Pastor Kevin Thompson. Kevin explains how his daughter’s life with Down syndrome is influencing many for the glory of God.  He presents a touching illustration from Matthew 12:20 about a bruised reed.  Even in our pain and weakness, we can come to our compassionate Heavenly Father, assured that we are loved and valued in His eyes.

Follow Pastor Kevin’s blog: http://kevinathompson.com

Check out Ella’s Channel: The Ella Life