Ep.14- “Good News!”

featuring Micah Wilder.  Micah shares how the grace and sovereignty of God led him through difficult circumstances, out of the LDS church, to salvation in Christ.  His testimony reminds us the gospel is the power of God and Jesus is enough!

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Ep.13-“Light in Darkness”

featuring Allen Decker with Aurora Ministries. Aurora Ministries serves Christ by making the Bible accessible to those who are blind   Allen portrays some of the blessings and the challenges faced by individuals with visual impairments and offers advice on how the church can be more inclusive.   Learn how you can make an eternal difference in the lives of those who need God’s Word:  Aurora Ministries

Ep.12- “A Bruised Reed”

featuring Pastor Kevin Thompson. Kevin explains how his daughter’s life with Down syndrome is influencing many for the glory of God.  He presents a touching illustration from Matthew 12:20 about a bruised reed.  Even in our pain and weakness, we can come to our compassionate Heavenly Father, assured that we are loved and valued in His eyes.

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Ep.11-“How They Shall Hear?” pt.2

featuring Jon & Diane Barr with Silent Word Ministries.  Do you have a heart for the Deaf community and want to better understand their culture and etiquette? Are you looking for ways to improve your ministry among them? In this continued discussion on Deaf ministry, Jon and Diane address these questions and more.

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Who Are Deaf People?

The Bible in ASL: Sign The Bible

Ep.11- “How Shall They Hear?” pt.1

featuring Jon & Diane Barr with Silent Word Ministries. Jon and Diane introduce the Deaf community, their culture and language.

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Ep.10- “No Greater Love”

featuring Becky Vaughn. Becky describes how her life has been shaped physically and spiritually since surviving a house fire. She points out that while her mother’s sacrificial love in rescuing her from that fire was great, the love of Jesus Who died to save us is the greatest of all.  Find Becky’s new book, “No Greater Love” on Amazon or at https://www.johncvaughn.com/jcvea/home

Ep.9-“Count It All Joy”

featuring Greg Whiddon. Greg shares how his near-death experience increased his reliance on God and desire to make life count for Him. Piano arrangement of “I Need Thee” by Jessica Whiddon included.

Ep.8-“A Place Called Heaven”

featuring Pastor Alan Brown.  Pastor Brown joins Paul and Tabitha for a biblical discussion of the glories of heaven. He shows from Scripture how eternity there is made secure through faith alone.

Ep.7- “In the Presence of My Enemies” pt.2

featuring Gracia Burnham.  Gracia answers questions on how the Lord used her trial to change her and further the gospel.

Visit Gracia’s ministry site: https://graciaburnham.org/the-ministry/

Ep.7- “In the Presence of My Enemies” pt.1

featuring Gracia Burnham.  Gracia shares how God kept His eye on her during her captivity in the Philippines.  She emphasizes God’s faithfulness in every circumstance and that hardship is never wasted.